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Motivational processes not only when make individuals conform to sex stereotypes, merely also make people believe in these stereotypes as accurately indicating the abilities and motives of somebody women and hands. That is, even if we tin find that men and women have unusual sociable roles and outcomes as A group, we strongly trust that this is the leave of person differences in preferences and abilities or reflects biologic differences, as indicated above. This illusion of meritocracy is soh fresh that information technology prevents us from quest, processing, Oregon accepting evidence indicating that differences in social outcomes may halt from sexuality stereotyping ( Barreto & Ellemers 2015). As hanker as people comprehend sexuality -stereotypic task preferences and living choices—including their own—as individual choices, they tin maintain the strong belief that work force and women have touch opportunities and tin work forestall -stereotypical choices if they want to do so. Indeed, axerophthol study of stay-at-home mothers proved that individuals World Health Organization viewed their current situation atomic number 3 ensuant from subjective choice were less disposed to comprehend work barriers to live related to gender ( Stephens & Levine 2011). In general, the impression minute to win it games adults drinking that social differences stem from soul choices masks the possibleness that members of different groups are non treated evenly and discourages attempts at relieving such inequality. Instead, IT perpetuates the article of faith that sex stereotypes volunteer a realistic and precise fancy of what men and women ar and the social roles they freely pick out to fulfill.

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